What is Solar Energy?

The Question, What is Solar Energy? has become a very common question as solar energy has gained popularity the world over. But Not any more, you will get your answer to this question.

The Sun has been the life force right since the very beginning of this earth. Radiating its light all over our mother earth. In fact my friend this question is very common in the recent times.

The answer is really very simple. The Solar Energy is nothing but the light emitted by the sun each day.But now you will be saying is it that simple as it sounds, then let us explore!

Fusion Reaction
The Source of Solar Energy

The Sun is nothing but a huge mass of Hydrogen gas.In order to make you understand my friend, let us look at the sun as a giant nuclear reactor in space. Now in this nuclear reactor which we all very commonly know as the Sun, Hydrogen gets converted into Helium.

The process in which Hydrogen gets converted into Helium is called as a Fusion Reaction, a process of joining together of atoms of smaller mass into higher mass. During the fusion process energy is not conserved as some mass of the nuclei undergoing fusion is converted into energy which is released, generally in the form of heat. This process is the "engine" which powers active stars.

In the case of our sun, four Hydrogen nuclei combine together to form one nucleus of Helium. This process continues until the entire hydrogen gets converted to helium.

Solar Energy is simply
Electromagnetic Waves

A large amount of heat energy produced by the sun is a result of the Fusion Reaction. This energy reaches us in the form of Electromagnetic Waves which travel with the speed of light. This appears to all of us as light energy. This is the one line answer to your question, What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Waves are classified by the Electromagnetic Spectrum. In this Electromagnetic Spectrum the Electromagnetic Waves are organized according to their respective wavelengths. These waves constitute both of light energy & heat energy.

The heat from the sun does not reach the earth as we are 94.5million miles away from the sun only the light energy reaches us. In fact the light energy provides us with all the heat required.

Solar Energy the Best
form of Renewable Energy

So truly speaking the solar energy is the most abundant of all the energy sources available to us. As we speak about this, my friend, did you realize that 4.5 pounds of sunlight is actually hitting the earth each second!

Now for this to take place the sun converts about 4 million tons of hydrogen every second. No matter even if this conversion continues at this rate our sun will live for another 5 billion years.

Now my friend you know , What is Solar Energy?

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