Types of Solar Panels
Variety is Good!

Various Types of Solar Panels are available in the market today so that you, My Friend can generate your own residential solar power or get free hot water. Sound’s Exciting isn’t it! Now you first need to get to know about the solar panel types before you actually decide your application like heating, lighting etc. Based on your application you can choose the solar panels which suit your requirement.

Types of Solar Panels - Classified!

The various type of solar panels are classified according to their usability. Solar Power panels & Solar Heating Panels are commonly used world wide for generating energy and heating water.

Solar Power Panels

Solar Power Panels are one of the specific types of solar panels which produce electricity when sunlight is incident on them. They produce power because of the photovoltaic effect. You can use this energy to power your home or your office. We can now drill down into some more details.

A typical Solar Power Panel can be further classified into two sub categories,

Crystalline Solar Panel

A crystalline solar panel is made up of crystalline silicon. These are the most commonly available solar panels. These types of panels are used by people worldwide for generating their own solar power.

A Crystalline Solar Panel is manufactured by using two different grades of silicon cells namely Mono-crystalline solar cells and Poly-crystalline solar cells. Specific types of solar cells are assembled together in the form of a panel in order to produce solar power.

Amorphous Solar Panel

An amorphous solar panel is manufactured by a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition which uses varying percentages of Silane Gas and Hydrogen Gas. Depending on the deposition parameters amorphous silicon is obtained.

The silicon deposited is not rigid in nature and has additional properties like absorption of lower light spectrum. The deposition made on a small area is used as an amorphous solar panel.

Another type of amorphous solar panels and commonly known as flexible solar panels or thin film solar panels. They have a unique folding ability. Amorphous solar panels are also available for you to use just like their crystalline peers.

You can now easily decide to buy solar panels according to your need, there's one for every one.

Solar Heating Panel

Solar heating panels take the incident sunlight. This sunlight is then converted into heat. The heat thus generated due to the absorption of the electromagnetic spectrum is transferred to the water or fluid flowing through the internal pipes in the panel.

Heating panels are solely used for residential as well as commercial hot water requirements. Flat Plate collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors are the two main types of solar panels.

Flat Plate Collectors

These have a black colored flat plate which serves as the collector. This black surface absorbs the sunlight incident on it and the resultant heat is transferred to the water flowing from the pipes. This water is either stored for future use in an insulated tank or is used as it gets heated.

Flat Plate Collector

Evacuated Solar Tube Collector

An evacuated glass tube is used in such type of collectors. Vacuum serves as an insulator which prevents the heat being lost by radiation.

A special liquid is stored in that tube which vaporizes at a temperature below the boiling point of water. The vaporized liquid then transfers the heat to the water through a manifold.

You can now very easily decide on which solar heating panel to buy. Be it your office or your home you can always use different types of solar panels.

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