Types of Solar Energy

We have been using various types of solar energy since ages, in this way or the other. Earlier it was used for drying clothes, grain etc.In India the Solar Energy is used even today to make food items like papad’s, dried peppers & chillies. Solar energy has always been there but was overlooked until recent times.

My Friend now the question arises, what are the types of solar energy?

We can easily classify solar energy according to its basic use.

  • Passive Solar Energy

  • Active Solar Energy

Solar energy is also classified how it is transformed and used.

  • Photovoltaic solar power

  • Solar Thermal Energy

  • Concentrated Solar Power

Let’s dive in to know more about all these five categories of solar energy.

Passive Solar Energy

Passive Solar Energy is a method in which solar energy is harnessed in its direct form without using any mechanical devices. Drying Clothes in daylight is an example of using solar energy passively.

Passive Solar Energy has a few applications which all of us can use (where ever there is sunlight).

  • Daylighting

  • Passive Solar Heating

  • Passive Solar Cooling

Active Solar Energy

The Active Solar Energy employs mechanical or electrical equipment for functioning and increase system efficiency. As an example water pumps are used to circulate water through the active solar energy water heating system.

Some Applications of Active Solar Energy which can be very helpful to all of us.

  • Active Solar Water Heating

  • Active Solar Pool Heating

  • Active Solar Space Heating

Photovoltaic Solar Power

The Energy generated by incident solar energy (light) into electricity is termed as Photovoltaic Solar Power. This is done using Photovoltaic Solar Cells.

Every one of us can get the benefits of the applications of photovoltaic solar power.

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy is the heat energy derived from the incident solar energy (sunlight). This is used by Solar Heating Panels.

Yes, you guessed it right. Solar Thermal Energy does have advantages like other forms of solar energy.

  • Solar Water Heating

  • Solar Pool Heating

  • Solar Space Heating

These are the common uses of Solar Thermal Energy. By taking advantage of these you can get plenty of benefits. Electricity can be generated using solar energy commonly this is known as Solar Thermal Electricity

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power is a branch of Solar Thermal Energy which is used to generate solar power electricity.

Electricity is produced on a large scale by using this technology. This technology is not in either of our scope. But we can surely get its benefits from a renewable energy supplier or green power from the electricity supply company.

Knowing about the different solar energy types can be very helpful. You can use this knowledge in order to decide in what way the solar energy can be used for your advantage. Come what may you will always get the benefit of any types of solar energy and help you contribute to make this world a better place!

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