Sun Facts
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Want to know more about the sun, these sun facts will help you know more about our sun. Here's a quick reckoner

  • 4.57 billion Years ago a huge hydrogen molecular cloud collapsed which lead to the formation of our sun.

  • According to scientific research our sun has a total age of 10 billion years.

  • The Sun has a Diameter of 1,392,000 Kilometers (865,000 miles) which is about 109 times that of the earth and weighs 330,000 times the earth.

  • Surface temperature of the sun is 5,778 K (5,505 ºC 9,941 ºF)

  • Hydrogen content on the sun is 73.46% followed by 24.85% Helium and the rest 1.69% is other elements like sulfur, oxygen, carbon, iron etc.

  • In the solar fusion reaction, sun fuses 430 – 600 million tons of Hydrogen each second.

  • Due to the fusion reaction sun releases energy of 384.6 yotta watts. This mass is carried away by the energy radiated by the sun reaches us in the form of solar energy

  • The Sunlight reaches the earth in 8 minutes 19 seconds with a speed of 186,282 miles per second. Wow that’s really fast!

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