Solar Energy Facts
Get ready for Surprises!

Solar Energy Facts are just some tidbits of all the blessings which the sun showers on all of us. Here blessing implies to all that solar energy which we get from the sun daily.

Knowing the facts will always prove beneficial to you and will also help you to understand and make use of solar energy for your benefit.

Common Facts about Solar Energy

  • Solar Energy is Free

  • Solar Energy is abundantly available throughout the globe wherever you are.

  • Of the Total solar energy received by the earth, 30% is reflected back into space due to the presence of the atmosphere.

  • Solar Energy is Environment Friendly

  • The Climate changes, ocean currents, seasons are all a result of solar energy which the earth receives each day.

  • Solar Energy can be used in two different forms Active Solar Energy and Passive Solar Energy

  • Solar Energy can be used in a variety of ways dry your clothes on a line, heat water, cook food using a solar cooker, charge your ipod or notebook pc. In fact we can have a bigger list about the uses of solar energy in the future.

Solar Energy Facts
Heating and Electricity

  • The solar energy incident on earth for just one hour is more than enough to satisfy the global energy needs for a whole year. Amazing isn’t it!

  • The amount of power deposited by the sun per unit area which is directly exposed to the sun is equal to 1,368 (Watts per Square Meters) at a distance of one Astronomical Unit on or near earth. The Sunlight which we receive is reduced by 26.91% & as it reaches the earth’s surface it is close to 1,000 (Watt per square meters) on a clear sunny day.

  • Did you know that a whopping 43% of solar energy is used just for heating water.

  • If we cover a small percentage of Sahara Desert with Solar Panels, we can cater to the electricity requirements of the earth.

  • In a study conducted by Shell it has been predicted that 50% of the world’s energy will come from renewable energy sources by the year 2040.

  • Japan Consumes 50% of the total solar panels manufactured worldwide.

Solar Energy Facts
Worldwide Footprint!

  • The use of Solar Energy has kept on increasing at a rate of 20% a year, this fact has been observed since the last 15 years. The credit for this goes to the rising efficiencies and the falling costs of solar panels.

  • With incentives like tax rebates, subsidies the use of solar energy systems will increase reducing the dependency on other sources of power.

  • In 2008 solar power accounted to a small supply of 0.02% of the world’s total energy requirement. The use of solar energy has been doubling every two or even less than two years, if this continues we all will see Solar Energy become a dominating energy source in a few decades.

  • The Biggest Solar Thermal Energy Plants is the 354 MW (Megawatt) Solar Energy Generating Systems Plant situated in the Mojave Desert, California. This plant is made using the reflective parabolic trough technology.

  • The Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park in Spain is the world’s largest Solar Photovoltaic Power plant with a capacity of 60MW was commissioned in 2008. This plant produces 85 GWh (Gigawatt Hours) per year. It uses more than 160,000 solar photovoltaic panels and the electricity powers more than 40,000 homes.

  • The most earliest solar cell cost $286 per Watt in 1954, $100 per watt in 1971, $7 per watt in 1971 but now it is very affordable at $1 to $5 depending on the technology.

  • Spain is the largest installed base of photovoltaic devices of 45% in the world.

    Wow! aren't these solar energy facts fascinating and intriguing.

Now my friend as you have already checked out the facts about the solar energy, you will now be well informed and you will take proper decisions for making solar energy an inevitable part of your life.

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