Solar Energy Advantages

We are facing a serious energy crisis the world over. The “dear” fossil fuels play a very crucial role in this energy crisis scenario. Not to forget the alarming rise in temperatures due to the Global Warming.

Now my friend as you see or in fact must be very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels. Similarly Solar Energy also has a few Advantages and Disadvantages. Let’s take a quick look at some of the Solar Energy Advantages.

Never Ending Source of Energy

All of us are aware that wherever we go the sun follows! It’s remarkably true. The Sun keeps on shining all over the globe. Considering the fossil fuels it can easily be said that the Sun is a Never Ending Source of Energy. We can always use the Solar Energy in every way we can.

Totally Pollution Free

Energy is used in various forms, like electricity, fossil fuels etc. Fossil Fuels release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide thereby increasing the risk of elevated global warming. Whereas Solar Energy is completely clean. Imagine the reduced pollution after the fossil fuels get fully exhausted.This makes this a very important solar energy advantage.

Low Maintenance Costs!

Once you have a solar energy system in place, there is no need to do any routine checks. No fuels or lubricants. Just hook it to your load system & you are ready!

Low Running Costs!

Have you been reading the news? Yes of Course. In that case you must have seen the elevated costs of electricity, fossil fuels (this makes me mad sometimes). But once you have a solar energy system in place, the electricity you generate is virtually free. Awesome isn’t it!

Greater Reliability

Reliability is a very important advantage of Solar Energy over conventional energy like electricity. Whether the Power supply company increases the power price per unit, or worse load shedding is occurring in your region. Imagine how wonderful will it feel when you are independent to use the solar energy in whatever way you want.Even if any of the above happens you will not even notice it!

Easy to apply locally

Solar Energy can be easily used in remote areas which are not connected to the grid. You may be in your own log cabin or somewhere in the middle of the Sahara desert In fact Solar Panels are now preferred in many countries in the entire world for domestic use. This has made the remote residents self reliant at least in terms of electricity

My Friend you know about all the solar energy advantages. Now let's take a look at solar energy disadvantages

Solar Energy Disadvantages

Look at the chaos going on in the world. My Friend you must be very much aware of what is happening to this beautiful world of ours. Pollution, Global Warming, Rising Prices of Energy, Depleting Fossil fuels, this list can go on and on.

As an answer to all these questions people like you and me are turning to renewable sources of energy like solar energy. So far solar energy has shown considerable promise. Every Coin has two sides, you know about the solar energy advantages. Let’s be aware of its disadvantages.

Dilute form of Energy

Even though Solar Energy is abundantly available on Earth is rather dilute, diffused and intermittent in all the parts of the Globe. Now my friend the main reason behind it is that the sun shines only during the day time.

Many times the cloud cover in the sky causes diffused sunlight and yes not to forget the rainy days. Due to the diluteness of Solar Energy it requires more area to be covered. That means you will require more number of solar panels (That’s going to hurt our pockets)

Uneven Availability

The availability of solar energy is rather uneven over the entire globe. The closer you are to the equator the more the solar energy received and vice versa. Now because of this it becomes a costly affair of capturing and using the solar energy.

High Initial Cost

The high initial cost of solar energy harnessing equipments is a major drawback to using the freely available alternative of solar energy. In comparison the fossil fuel based technologies are cheaper and more efficient

Useful only during the Day

Solar Energy is useful only during the daytime when the sun is shining. Now during the night all your solar equipment will be rendered useless. But we can take care of this problem by using solar battery chargers.

Hope all this information doesn't bias you about adding solar energy as a part of your life. But the solar energy advantages carry more weight than its disadvantages. Going Solar will always be a suitable option for the future.

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