Solar Electricity 
Free Electricity for You!

Solar Electricity is a phenomenal concept – you take the free energy from the sun and convert it into useable Electricity! And in turn use that green electricity to power your electrical appliances.

It gives you freedom from those bugging electricity bills, even provides you an opportunity to earn money! It’s simply a clean, green, free energy that doesn’t harm our lovely earth.

The reality of Solar Electricity is very much different but is changing since, we started facing the energy crisis. Generation of Electricity using the sun has its own benefits along-with huge potential for every-one of us who wants to play their part in conserving this planet.

Electricity is generated using solar energy. The Electricity is differentiated as solar thermal electricity and solar panel electricity.

What’s in it for you?

  • Enhanced Energy Savings
  • When you decide to use residential solar power, then you can not only use the electricity generated but also sell the excess the power to the utility company and they will credit you with lower electricity bills, in short your energy meter will run backwards!

  • Improved Price Stability for you
  • The Electricity Utility Company hikes the cost per unit of electricity due to rising costs of coal, natural gas increase. But you know the solar energy is free. Now remember whenever a utility or a distribution company increases the cost per unit electricity. The home solar power systems save you more money and pays for itself faster than anticipated.

  • Better Reliability

    Often Electricity Utilities operate on a complex level using a highly reactive system or they need to have arrangements for backup power for added reliability in case of grid failure or a blackout in a particular locality.

    In such a case you will not even notice a power outage but will also be in a position to feed the excess generated power to the grid.


  • Environmental Benefits
  • Installing a home solar power system on your rooftop will ensure reduced carbon emissions. It will also help prevent climate change making you a key contributor in the fight against pollution and global warming.

    Do you know that an average 0.6 kg of Carbon-dioxide (CO2) would be saved per kilowatt-hour output from a pv system!


    It seems obvious that you have the question ready, “How can I generate my own solar electricity?


    Electricity Generation


    Generation of Solar Electricity is a relatively easy job! There are various types of Solar Panel Systems or a Home Solar Power System can generate all the electricity that you require. The amount of Electricity generated is different for different types of solar panels.

    These panels have a variety of solar cells which are connected together to generate electricity from the incident light energy.

    Now My Friend you will most probably ask, "Hey how do I start Generating electricity from the sun?

    Installing Home Solar Power Systems is the best way to live grid free.A Home Solar Power System is made by three basic sub-systems.

    • PV Devices
    • Balance of Systems (BOS)
    • Load

    System Configuration


    The PV Devices can be anything like solar panels, solar shingles, solar cells which generate electricity from the sunlight incident on them. The Electricity thus generated is in the form of Direct Current (DC).

    The Intermediate Systems which connects the PV Devices and the Electrical load is termed as Balance of Systems. Typically the BOS consists of the Charge Controllers, Invertors, Mounting Structures and Batteries which store generated electricity and provide backup power in case of a power cut.

    You already know about Load. Load is nothing but all the appliances that you use in your day to day life for doing all your chores. Yes you can actually power all your appliances!

    Solar Electricity - The Best Option

    You must now understand to generate your own solar electricity. The home solar power systems are one of the best options for generating free, clean, green electricity by using the abundant solar energy. Go for it!!

    Looking for other ways to generate electricity, more information on Alternative Energy Concepts


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