Mission Solar Lights - Spice Up your Home with Mission Styled Lights

Mission Solar Lights are one of the available design innovation made in traditional lighting. This style has been prevalent from more than 100 years. Newer improvements have made it possible to use them using the freely available solar energy.

Mission Style History

Medieval world saw a lot of discoveries and inventions the world over. During the period countries like England, France and Spain had set up their respective colonies in various other parts of the world. England got a foothold in Asia, whereas the Spanish conquered a vast majority of the present South America.

In the process of spreading the Christian faith among the Native American Indians the Spaniards formed their religious & military outposts in areas like California, Virginia, Florida and Arizona. These were commonly called as Spanish missions. These missions were set in time as early as 1687.

Mostly you will be able to find mission styled homes in the south west part of the United States of America.

Mission Styled Architecture Peculiarity

The architectural features which are present today surely tell us that the missionaries indeed had a tough time building the structures. There was an imminent scarcity of building materials. Such constructions have all or few of the features like,

  • Broad Undecorated wall surfaces preferably made out of Adobe
  • Low, Sloping Tiled Roofs
  • Long Corridors flanked with Interior or Exterior Walls
  • Terraced Bell Towers

You can check these out when you happen to visit some places in California or Arizona.

Mission Style Lighting

Mission Solar Lights
Mission Solar Lights

The architecture of the Spanish missions also had its impact on the designs of the lamps used. The simplicity of the mission style lights can be seen in its distinct features.

  • Use of Clear or Stained Glass – Glass added to the elegance of the lamps, but also provided protection to the lamp. In this particular lamp as shown above, you can surely see the use of clear glass.

  • Strong & Durable Material – Durable Material made them easy to handle and ensured a lamps longer life.

  • Exposed Joints – By taking a good look at any solar mission light you can clearly see the joints. The exposed joints made it easy for the repair of any damaged lamps. Replacing broken glass too was easy during those times. By taking a look at the lamp above, you can very easily identify the joints.

Mission Solar Lights

An interesting trend has been seen from the past one year. The use of solar lights has increased be it solar powered lights or tubular skylights. Solar mission lights are no exception to this growing trend.

The principle of working of these lamps is the same as that of normal solar lights. Small Solar cells are fitted into the upper part of the lamp. These solar cells generate electricity during the day & the electricity is stored in the battery.

Apart from that a simple light sensor is also present. When the sun sets the light sensor no longer receives light and thus automatically switches the mission solar lamp.

Benefits they Offer!

Solar mission lights improve the aesthetics of your home. And if you own a house in California or Virginia or Arizona, you’ll definitely find these lamps wonderful for using as well as complementing your home decor.

They provide clean and free lighting during the nights, they continue to operate throughout the night. My friend you would have had to pay the additional bills for keeping your lights on.

Mission Solar Lights are thus a very worthwhile option to be considered which have a superb combination of style & utility. Kindly check out Solar Light Store in order to see a variety of Mission Solar Lights.

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