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Miasole is yet another solar energy startup company which finds its roots in the Silicon Valley. The Company is based out of Santa Clara, California. They are one of the finest manufacturers of Thin-Film Solar Cells. The Primary focus of the organization is large-scale commercial and utility projects.

In 2003 Mr. Dave Pearce Founded this Company. Mr. Pearce Graduated with the B.S. in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He later went on to obtain an M.B.A, Finance from the University of Texas. Dave Pearce is also a well known Serial Entrepreneur who founded and headed companies like OptCom, JTS Corporation.His expertise helped pioneer the manufacturing of hard disk drives coated with thin-films using the sputtering process.

The Company's Solid technological foundation is based on the expertise and experience in the Hard Drive and Semiconductor industries brought in by the team of experts which was once led by Mr. Pearce.

On 26th April 2011, the company announced it’s teaming up with Semiconductor Manufacturing Giant, “Intel”. Intel will transfer customized manufacturing services and systems, operational knowledge, strategic consulting and training to Miasole, as the company is on the brink of ramping up its manufacturing facilities. This surely ensures that this thin film based solar panel manufacturing company will retain its competitive edge.

How Do they Make Solar Modules?

The Solar Modules are manufactured by using the Sputtering process. The Process involves uniform deposition of a thin film of material on a surface in vacuum. According to the company a single machine (tool) is used which seamlessly deposits all layers of the CIGS solar cell on a lightweight Substrate of Stainless Steel.

The Sputtering process is used in bulk thin film production and is employed by high volume based hard disk and architectural glass manufacturing companies. Sputtering allows consistent process control, higher outputs and lower investments. This also results in lower costs of products manufactured using the same process.

Well, My Friend that does add up in your knowledge base!

Frameless Double Glass Modules is one of the products manufactured by Miasole.

  • This product is typically aimed for Large Scale and Low Cost Installations.
  • Construction of the panels in Durable Glass ensures long life in harsh environments.
  • Corner Junction box design improves the uptime, lowers labor, wiring and BOS Costs.
  • Bypass diodes helps reduce losses in case of panel shading.
  • The Product is awarded with UL 1703, IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 Certifications.

Electrical Specifications


  • Rated Peak Power (P mpp) : 111 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage (V mpp) : 19.4 V
  • maximum Power Current (I mpp): 5.7 A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) : 24.9 V
  • Short Circuit Current (I sc) : 6.8 A
  • Max System Voltage (US/IEC) : 600 / 1000 V


  • Rated Peak Power (P mpp) : 100 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage (V mpp) : 19.2 V
  • maximum Power Current (I mpp): 5.2 A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) : 24.7 V
  • Short Circuit Current (I sc) : 6.5 A
  • Max System Voltage (US/IEC) : 600 / 1000 V

The Company announced an achievement in efficiency of 15.7% on 2nd December 2010. They have even collaborated with "Intel" according to a press release by Miasole on 25th April 2011.

All the news and enhancements strongly suggest that Miasole as a Company is gearing up for taking great strides, and perhaps even keep "Chinese Solar Industry" on its heels.

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