Evergreen solar – The Pioneers’ of String Ribbon Solar Cells

Evergreen Solar was born in a 2,500 Sq ft Laboratory in Waltham Massachusetts. The company has been functioning successfully for more than a decade. They made a humble beginning in 1994 and ever since that time there has been no turning back.

The Organization went public in 1998. They began expanding its global foothold by setting up manufacturing facilities in Germany & China in the beginning of 2005.

The Founders had a very innovative idea of manufacturing solar cells. This idea had the potential to reduce the costs of solar photovoltaics. The Idea was very much bankable as is the early nineties solar was way too expensive. Using these solar cells Evergreen manufactures its own Solar Panels.

Solar Panels on Roof
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This Company pioneered the “String Ribbon” a technique of manufacturing multicrystalline solar cells. Solar cells produced by this technique are commonly called as “String Ribbon Solar cells”.

Solar Cell manufacturing is a very raw material intensive process. Especially silicon is required in large quantities and accounts to 50% of the manufacturing costs. In the “String Ribbon Process” wires of high temperature resistance are drawn through molten silicon thus forming a multi-crystalline chain of silicon crystals. The Ribbon is then cut to specified lengths and further processed to form solar cells.

But my friend, “What should you know about these solar cells?

The efficiency of string ribbon solar cells is less (13 - 14%) as compared to solar cells manufactured using traditional methods which have efficiencies of 15 – 16%. But as far as price is concerned they will surely be more affordable than conventionally manufactured solar cells.

Salient Features of Evergreen Solar Panels

  • Smallest Carbon Footprint - Solar Cells manufactured using String Ribbon make considerably lower emissions, than traditional manufacturing process of solar cells.

  • Positive Power Tolerance – Rated power output is minimum, hence you will never get less power.

  • Anti-Reflective Glass - Panels deliver more than 2- 4% extra power than panels fitted with standard glass.

  • Micro-Inverter Compatible - Output voltage of panel is compatible to the advanced micro inverters, thus high performance from the panel is delivered.

  • Faster Energy Payback - Evergreen Solar Panels start generating clean electricity faster than other silicon panels.

My Friend, now that you know about the Pioneers' of String Ribbon Solar Cells, take a look the string ribbon solar panels you can buy them too.

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