Conergy - Delivering Synchronized Solar Energy System Solutions

Conergy AG is said to be the “only” company in the world which provides complete solar energy system solutions. That includes all the components which are required to make or install a system which generates Solar Electricity.

Hans-Martin Rüter founded the company in 1998. Mr. Rüter studied Mechanical Engineering from the University of Munich. After graduating from his Alma Mater he worked as a Management Consultant with Bossard Consultants GMBH for a period of three years. In the year 1996 Mr. Rüter founded SunTechnic GMBH where he not only designed solar pv systems but also installed them himself on customers rooftops & empty spaces. A very good quality in a leader, lead from the front.

Conergy manufactures Solar panels at its Frankfurt manufacturing facility. The entire plant is fully automated. Their motto is, "No Compromise on Quality of Products". Solar Panels manufactured at the Frankfurt factory have received certifications like IEC/CE 61215 Ed. 2 and IEC/CE 61730. These solar modules also provide superior power output in low light conditions and the modules also exhibit positive power tolerance.

Solar Inverters too are manufactured by Conergy. The so called Brain of the Solar Power generating system is manufactured in the Hamburg and Bad Vilbel facilities. Both Central and String Inverters are manufactured at the respective factories. String Inverters are based upon patented technology. Efficiencies as high as 98% have been achieved under various environmental conditions. The Organization will be presenting two new series of inverters IPG 250 C and the Transformerless IPG 350 C at Intersolar which will be held in Munich from 8 to 10th June 2011. The peak efficiency of the transformerless IPG family is pegged at an impressive 98.7%, excellent isn’t it ?

Mounting Systems are a very integral part of any home solar power installation or a mega scale plant. Solar mounts are manufactured by this all rounder company. This organization stands proudly among the group of largest mounting systems manufacturers. The design and development of the mounting systems is done at two various locations Rangsdorf near Berlin and Sacramento in California. The complete range of mounting systems includes fixing systems and module frames.

The continuous developments in solar mounts and excellent manufacturing methods have made sure that Conergy Mounting Systems are stable. The structures comply with the technical guidelines and standards, they even offer a warranty of 10 Years. Due to all these strengths their mounting systems was awarded the "Wachstumspreis" award of the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce in 2010. The same product was nominated for the Innovation Prize at the PV Symposium 2011 held in Germany.

They even deliver solar power plants from Concept to Actuality. Their Extensive experience benefits their plants and even their customers. Everything from System Planning and Solar Financing to the Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Monitoring, Operation and Insurance are covered. You see why should a customer choose to work with them, you can say "Peace of Mind, Guaranteed".

Till date they have executed over 120 solar power plants and connected them to the grids accounting to 310 Megawatt Electricity generated. The Projects were mainly executed in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. After the installation is completed the project team monitors the plant’s power output thus making sure that the customers get the most benefit and the profits.

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