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Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at this page, as it is the only page which has information other than solar energy.This page has information about me. My name is Chaitanya Patankar. I am from India. I am an Electrical Engineer by qualification and by profession. I am the Owner and Founder of Solar Energy Explorer

Chaitanya Patankar
Chaitanya Patankar

In my childhood when I was about 1-2 years old, I had a tremendous attraction towards lights and I used to enjoy playing in the sun day after day. In fact the first word which I spoke was, “Light”. I was rather amused when my parents narrated this incident to me,in fact i was surprised about what my parents revealed about me.

I was indeed more of the Do it yourself types, I used to open up small machines like the alarm clocks, toaster etc just to see how they worked. (This was when I was about 14 year old and I am still the same)

Curiosity is always useful and being a person of that type helped me take on my studies with very much enthusiasm though marks or grades were never up-to my parent’s expectations (now they laugh at this) Went on to take a career in Electrical Engineering in one of the very best engineering colleges in India.

During my last college days I grew more and more interested towards the energy field. Generation, Transmission, Distribution was always an area of interest. It was really enthusiastic for learning about the processes involved to make it possible. This made me participate in utility station visits & bombarding my professors with a stream of questions (they were mostly offline, but my friends would disagree about this).

After Graduation (that was hard for me actually) I joined Rockwell Automation as a Graduate Engineering Trainee. Then I worked indirectly in the energy field in by using drives which helped my customers to make some amount of savings in their electricity by using them. Then after a small tenure of an year and a month. I decided to take on a new path. That field was the emerging energy sector.

I was working for City Corporation Limited in the domain of clean & green energy. This involves calculation of area under solar irradiation, load calculations, energy trends and its analysis, selection of Solar Energy equipment according to the requirement. I worked on establishing a Grid tied Concentrated PV Power plant which was not selected in the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission implemented by the Government of India and the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, New Delhi.A few small solar power systems too were planned in our project. But they were not approved by the management of my organization.

After moving on from City Corporation Limited, I will be joining Siemens India. At Siemens I'll be responsible for Engineering and Commissioning of Solar Plants of mostly Megawatt Scale. But I am sure you my friend can definitely benefit from my experience.

I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge on job in renewable energy and that too in the solar energy domain.Only this page is about me but I feel this website is more about the knowledge which I have gained and must be shared with all you friends so that we all can contribute to make this earth a better place for us and for our generations to come.

Being a good writer right since my school days has in fact helped me to make site with compelling content. If you feel you too have a writer in you & you too can start your own website by using your skill in writing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best sources of earning handsome money, that too from the comfort of your home. Imagine the time you can spend with your family or your loved ones & the flexibility it offers to you. I would like to share a book which will empower you my friend to become an affiliate master

P.S: These books are specially for you my friend you can even save them for later reference, or share with any one who you feel can benefit from these books. That's how I wish to contribute to changing people's lives

You can start contributing by using solar energy where ever possible. Be it your home, your rv or your secluded log cabin, you can still make use of this amazing, free, clean, green source of energy. Still confused, No problem! First gain some knowledge on solar energy. Or if you are well versed you can see what solar panels are? Or Solar Cells or Solar Lights...

The options are always possible for you to make a beginning!

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