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May 18, 2014

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter is one of the component which converts the variable DC power output of a solar panel into AC power. This AC power is then used by appliances or is fed to the local grid

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May 05, 2014

Tubular Skylight Selection Guide

Looking for natural lighting a tubular skylight is the best choice, infact it is really economical. Here's a guide to tubular skylight selection

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May 04, 2014

Types of Solar Panels - Variety is Good!

What Types of Solar Panels fit your specific requirement this is an aspect which most people forget to look at. Even in commercial applications only some solar panel types are considered

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May 02, 2014

Solar Thermal Electricity - Electricity using Sun's Heat

Solar Thermal Electricity is electricity produced by using the incident sunlight and converting it into usable heat by concentrating it on tubes or boiler tanks

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Dec 17, 2012

Solar Tubes - Light Up Your Room Naturally

Solar Tubes provide the best kind of natural light as compared to skylights. You always have the control the quantity of light being received

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Dec 17, 2012

Sun Facts - Know 'em all!!

Sun Facts will help you to know more about the energy source of our solar system.

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Dec 14, 2012

Types of Solar Energy

There are different types of solar energy, know more about it here

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Dec 13, 2012

What is Solar Energy?

Looking for an answer to the most common question, What is Solar Energy? Then read on to know more & how the sun can affect your life in a positive way

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Mar 21, 2012

Solar Combiner Box

A solar combiner box is one of the key balance of system components to be used in a solar power plant. Its main task is to collect current from the connected solar panel strings.

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Jan 13, 2012

I am back, "My Friends"

Dear Friends,

I was keeping really very busy the last couple of months. Ok,Ok I'll spill the beans. I was working upon two grid feed projects of 5MW each in the states of Rajasthan & Gujarat in India.

It was really a tough time on site, lots of upheavals, and most important is the learnings...

The Solar Project in Rajasthan has made into news papers, & I am sure that the next one too will make it big.

I feel "proud", about the work i do and have done for the environment in my own small way.

Thanx to all of you!!

Jul 26, 2011

MIT Researchers develop New Method for Storing the Sun’s Thermal Energy

The Storage of the sun’s thermal energy is a rather difficult process, which is still possible even today but it relies entirely on the sun. Such methods are mostly used for passive solar heating of homes. Large Spaces are needed along with glass installations & south side orientation is required to efficiently use this method, but not any more as it can be very soon replaced by a better Heat Storage technology.

Researchers from MIT have devised a method of harnessing the thermal component from the incident solar energy. A chemical based out of Carbon nanotubes is used to absorb the heat. It has a wonderful advantage, the material can be stored for long periods with no loss of its stored energy.

Previously the chemicals and materials used for this conversion and storage of energy either degraded in a few cyclic operations or they included the element Ruthenium which is rare and costly.

Mr. Jeffery Grossman an Associate Professor at MIT, with Alexie Kolpak a post doctoral scholar, have found a new material. This material is made using carbon nanotubes and a compound named azobenzene.

This material exhibits more efficiency in storing energy in a given amount of space which is about 10,000 times higher in volumetric energy density. This makes its energy density comparable to lithium-ion batteries. This material is cheaper than the ruthenium based material.

The Thermo-Chemical storage of solar energy uses a molecule whose structure undergoes various changes when exposed to sunlight. Such molecules can remain Stable in that form for very long periods.

When excited by a catalyst like a small temperature change it can quickly change state to its original form releasing the stored energy in a burst of heat. This can be easily correlated to be a heat battery having high shelf life.

The key to controlling solar thermal storage is an energy barrier which separates the two stable states which the molecule can adapt. If the energy barrier was too high the molecule will not release the energy when necessary. And if the barrier was too low then the molecule will not hold the energy for longer periods. The barrier was optimized by Grossman and Kolpak which resulted in this breakthrough.

This innovation has opened up new avenues for altering the already known photovoltaic molecules used for solar thermal fuels and storage. Hope to see this breakthrough get commercialized so that all of us can share its benefits.

Solar Energy Explorer Congratulates the entire team for such a wonderful Achievement!!

Jun 28, 2011

How “Pure” does Solar Grade Silicon needs to be??

Silicon has been used widely in electronics much after the advent of the Bipolar Junction Transistor i.e. BJT till the latest micro processor. The "Solar Photovoltaics" Industry further fuelled the demand of pure silicon.

Basically Silicon is classified in three types according to its use,

Metallurgical Grade Silicon (MG-Si) which is 98% pure.

Solar Grade Silicon (SG-Si) which is 99.9999% or (6 N) six nines pure whereas the

Electronic Grade Silicon (EG-Si) is even more pure 99.9999999% or (9 N) Nine Nines Pure.

My Friend you must know that price of Silicon is very much relative to its purity, the purer the silicon the costlier it is & vice versa.

The most pure Electronic Grade Silicon is manufactured by using the "Standard" but "Costly" Siemens Purification process. This Silicon needs to be of the "9 N" quality, but surprisingly "Solar Grade" Silicon need not be of the same quality.

My Friend everyone would ask, "Why is it so, for an Industry which holds so much potential?"

Actually no one can specifically state the purity level required as only the, "Siemens Process" was used, which was in-fact a benchmark in the Silicon Industry. Now this has been put to test by RSI Silicon Products.

RSI Silicon products have re-invented the method in which solar grade silicon is manufactured. RSI has developed a patented "ChemArc" process for manufacturing "6 N" silicon which has 99.9999% purity. When production was done the same process ended up having 99.99999% purity instead of 99.9999% purity when wafers were manufactured. Isn’t this amazing?

This "ChemArc" process is a clean process, uses renewable feedstock as a process material and is very much "Carbon" Neutral as compared to the "Siemens Process" which is costly and requires toxic chemicals. The ChemArc Process provided a breakthrough in the very first wafering step known as "Directional Solidification". The Siemens process reduces the purity of Silicon from "9 N" to "7 N to 8 N", whereas this process improves the purity one step further.

The newly improved, cost effective, and eco-friendly process has surely made the Production of Pure Silicon easier and cheaper. We can surely hear what will be anticipated by all of us as major headlines in news , "Cost of Silicon Reduces below $1".

Let’s hope we all hear it, the sooner the better!

Jun 16, 2011


Miasole is one of the startups based out of silicon valley. They among the best thin-film solar cell manufacturers in the world. They aim to achieve grid parity solar energy by 2012.

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Jun 13, 2011

Maximum Power Point Tracking - MPPT

Maximum power point tracking is an electronic system which maximizes the power output of solar panels. Solar Modules in cooler climates give better results by using an mppt based charge controller

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Jun 10, 2011

Sun Chasing "Solar Panels" that Generate Twice the Electricity

Would it be nice if we start getting more solar power output from our home solar power installation?

A Major breakthrough has been announced by Smart Solar International, a Tokyo based startup.

They have invented a new solar power device which simply follows the sun throughout the day by using moveable mirrors, this device can generate twice the electricity than by its peers.

The device has multiple rows of aluminium based mirror sets which rotate as the sun moves. The light is reflected back on a central tube which is packed with High Performance multi-junction Solar Cells. The Inventors proclaim that this system requires less silicon than other devices.

The tube has a built in system for protection against overheating, this somewhat reduces the power generation efficiency. The same heat can be used for heating water.

Lets hope that we see such types of breakthroughs in the near future, so that each one of us may own his/her own power house.

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